OnStar Safety and Security is more than just Airbags

OnStar Safety and Security is more than just Airbags
Those of you who already own a GM vehicle are likely aware of the benefits OnStar offers and may have already used one or maybe many of its available features.
For those of you who haven’t experienced the advantages of an OnStar equipped vehicle, you’re probably wondering what it is that makes it so special, after all your car has Bluetooth paired to your cell phone, so it’s the same thing right? Not at all. It’s way more then that.
OnStar actually has nothing to do with your cell phone. OnStar is a communication system in your vehicle, your vehicle actually has its very own phone number. So even if you don’t have a cell phone, you can make a call using OnStar. Why is that important, doesn’t everyone have a cell phone these days anyway? Most people do, but here’s where it’s important. Let’s say you own a Chevy Silverado and like many Silverado owners you love your cottage. Now I don’t know about you but when I go up north to a friends cottage, it’s hit or miss whether my cell phone actually has service, it’s usually a miss. Let’s say you need to get a hold of someone to tell them something important, if your cell phone doesn’t work then you’re out of luck unless you have OnStar. OnStar will work in areas where your cell phone doesn’t, meaning you can make that important phone call.
Have you ever been in a serious accident? I hope that you haven’t and never will, but if you were wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone was contacting emergency personnel immediately on your behalf? In a crash, sensors in the vehicle and airbags alert an Onstar advisor immediately that a collision has occurred, the location of the collision and the severity of the impact. They contact you directly thru the built in phone to see if you need assistance. Even if you can’t respond the Onstar advisor will contact emergency services, communicate the accident details and dispatch help to your exact location. The advisor will stay on the line with you until he’ll arrives. What if you’re driving and you need emergency services because someone in the car isn’t breathing, help is just a button away. Pushing the red emergency button will put you in contact immediately with an OnStar advisor who is trained to get the correct emergency services to you quickly.
So what else can OnStar do for you? If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car then OnStar could have helped. You can call OnStar and using a security code that you had provided while setting up your account, they can remotely unlock your doors. You are on your way within minutes! If your car is stolen, you can call OnStar and they will locate it using the GPS signal. Using Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, they can immobilize the vehicle, slowly and safely, so that the thief can no longer drive your vehicle.
If you ever get lost (I know, it never happens) all you have to do is push the OnStar button, the advisor will find out where you need to go, and the directions will be downloaded right to your vehicle using turn by turn Navigation prompts. No more getting lost.
The last benefit I’d like mention is the Remote Vehicle Diagnostics feature that is offered by OnStar. Every month you will receive an email from OnStar with the results of hundreds of regular checks on your engine, StabiliTrak, ABS, and other key systems. This means you will know exactly what is going on with your car on a monthly basis without having to lift your hood. OnStar can even send a copy of this report to your preferred GM Service Department, so they will be aware of what is going on as well.
OnStar is like having your own personal advisor anytime you need them, in good times or in bad. There is no other service that can offer this.  OnStar makes me just a little more comfortable when I’m behind the wheel of my GM.