Why All-Season Tires are not Suitable for Canadian Winters

A big decision facing many drivers every year is whether to keep their all-season tires for the winter or switch to snow tires. While retaining your current tires will save you money, it’s ultimately not worth it due to the safety benefits of having snow tires.
There is currently no law stating that you need to have winter tires for your vehicle during the colder months, but it would be foolish not to get them. They are simply unsuitable for poor weather conditions.
Winter tires have much better tread and are more capable of braking when there is snow on the ground. They will reduce the risk of you slipping when turning and will give you more control of the road. They are a much safer option than all-season tires and are highly recommended for anyone living in a cold climate.
If nothing else, getting winter tires will give you peace of mind and make your daily commute less stressful. You will be able to drive with more confidence and less worry, knowing that your tires will help to keep you safe behind the wheel.