It’s a Seller’s Market

Trade In Value

Why we want to buy your car

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected us in so many ways & the latest impact is on the pre-owned car market. With a new-car supplies down & people choosing to drive instead of using public transit, pre-owned vehicles are having a moment. This creates a great opportunity for sellers to cash in on their vehicles.

Pre=Owned Trade In Value

There are so many factors that have lead to this new trend. When COVID-19 first hit new car production was stalled, which has snowballed into the delay we are seeing now. In addition to that there is now a shortage of computer chips that the new cars need, creating even more delays. There is also an increased caution of using ride share programs leading people to purchase vehicles to avoid interacting with strangers. We also have to look at the trend in sustainability and the idea that purchasing a pre-owned car might feel better then getting something new.

Used Cars York Region

What this all means is that if you have a used car to sell, now is the time & we want to buy your car, or truck!  Click below to get an appraisal from one of our NewRoads dealerships.