Selling a Car Privately or Trade In

Selling a Car Privately or Trade In
If you’re planning on upgrading your current vehicle, chances are you’ll want to either sell or trade-in your old vehicle to help finance your new purchase. A big question you’ll need to ask yourself is which of the previously mentioned options you should do.
Obviously, a dealership will offer you a lower value than what the car is actually worth as they need to make a profit on the vehicle. However, this doesn’t make trading in your vehicle a less attractive option. Not only will it save you plenty of time, but you will also not have to spend extra money on incidental fees such as cleaning the vehicle and advertising.
While a private buyer may be hard to convince to take the vehicle, a dealership will take it no matter what the condition. Private buyers often want to see the accident and service history, the wear on the tires and anything else they can find wrong with the vehicle. This can end up being a very tedious process which may prohibit you from buying a new vehicle if you’re waiting to sell the old one to help finance it.
Unless you have plenty of patience and time on your hands, selling your vehicle as a trade-in is the superior option.