Short-Block vs Long-Block Engines

Short-Block vs Long-Block Engines
Short-block vs long-bock engines – while short and long-block engines look the same from the outside, they differ in terms of the parts they consist of.
Short block engines require fewer parts than long-block engines, consisting of connecting rods, a crank and cam pistons. However, they do require some additional parts to be installed such as gaskets, an oil pump and cylinder heads.
Just like the short-block engine needs additional internal parts to be installed, the long-block engine requires extra external parts. These parts could include; timing and valve covers, an oil pan and manifolds for the exhaust and intake.
Since there are more parts in a long-block engine, the chances of engine failure are lower than in a short-block engine. However, because there is more freedom in terms of the additionally parts required in a short-block engine, performance should be better.
In terms of price, the short-block engine is typically more expensive when it comes to engine replacement. It is easier and cheaper to replace the external parts of the long-block engine than trying to switch a short-block engine.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger