Deciding Whether You Should Start a Carpool

Deciding Whether You Should Start a Carpool
Since gas prices tend to rise during the summer months, you may be asking yourself whether it is a good idea to start a car pool with some of your colleagues. The answer really depends on the type of person you are, as there are advantages and disadvantages to starting one. Read ahead to see whether it is the right idea for you.
Carpooling makes sense from both an environmental and economic standpoint. By sharing a vehicle with other people, you will be using much less gas between you, helping to lower carbon emissions. In addition, you will also be saving money as you will not have to refill as often or you will be splitting the cost of fuel among the other carpoolers.
The downside to carpooling is that it may end up creating a longer commute, especially if you’re picking up colleagues along the way. Even if you agree to pick a shared meeting point to help speed up to process, there is always the risk that one of the carpoolers will be late.
As you can see, carpooling can be very beneficial, but it may not work out if you get easily stressed about getting to work on time. If you think you can the added pressure, then carpooling may be the right thing for you.