Signs of Engine Trouble | Car Repair Tips

Car Repair Tips - Check Engine


Car Repair Tips – Engine trouble is one of the scariest things for a car owner so it’s important that you know the signs of it ahead of time.


Warning Lights: If you’re lights don’t turn off this could be a bad sign. Check Oil/Oil Level Low, Oil Pressure Low and Check Engine are the three you’ll want to pay the most attention too.


Jerking: Your car should never jerk, surge or stall when you drive. If your car is revving a lot or accelerating out of your control you should have a technician check it out.


Bad Smells: If you notice a bad smell when you’re in the front seat then you could be in trouble. The smell could come from leaking oil or even worse, dangerous exhaust gases.


Funny Noises: A popping noise can indicate that gasoline is igniting prematurely while a grinding noise may mean your motor needs to be replaced.


Smoke: Blue smoked indicates that oil is leaking and being burned with the fuel while white smoked means that water condensation or anti-freeze is mixed with fuel.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger