Signs You Need New Tires

Signs You Need New Tires
The more you drive, the more worn out your tires get. Although it can be a while before this becomes a problem, driving on tires that are too worn can be dangerous and could lead to a serious accident due to tire failure. You can avoid this by checking your tires periodically to see if there’s a problem.
One thing you can look at is the tread depth of your tires. The depth should never be lower than 1.6 millimetres, but should be significantly higher when you’re driving in the winter.
Another thing to check is whether there are any bulges on the tires. As the outside of the tire weakens, bulges can be seen popping out of the tire. If any are found you should replace your tire immediately as there is risk of the tire blowing while you’re driving.
If while you’re driving you feel an excessive amount of vibration, it may be time to have your tires replaced. This vibration could be caused due to an internal problem with the tire itself, or the tires being misaligned. If they are misaligned, the vibration can still damage the tires so it’s important to have them replaced when you feel the tires vibrating more than they should be.