Smart Airbags

Smart Airbags
A relatively new type of technology that is now seen in many new vehicles is the “smart airbag.” Considering many smaller drivers were getting injured by a regular airbag, a new type of airbag system was developed to make sure an airbag going off didn’t do more harm than good.
The main difference between a smart airbag and a regular airbag is the sensor system. This system measures the seating position and weight of every passenger in the car. In addition, it can also tell whether your seatbelt is done up or not. In the event of an accident, the sensor system will decide how hard to shoot out the airbag based on your weight and seating position. The bigger the person, the harder it will shoot out.
Of course, just like a regular airbag there are concerns with the smart airbag. Since they are so new, there are still many mistakes and can sometimes misjudge your seating position and/or weight. However, overall the smart airbags are still safer than regular airbags and do a better job of keeping you alive in the event of an accident.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger