Spare Tires in New Cars

Spare Tires in New Cars
Although many people are aware that you should always be carrying spare tires in new cars, few people know much more about them than that. Read ahead to learn more about spare tires and why they can be so important.
Even though this may be obvious to some, many people do not realize that a spare tire is the same size as the tires that are already on your vehicle. If you have two spare tires, you can actually use them to replace either the front or back set of tires if need be.
However, it should be noted that spare tires can affect your fuel efficiency. Tires are not light and the extra weight can cause your vehicle to work harder and lower gas mileage. However, this will not greatly affect it and it should not stop you from carrying one in your vehicle.
Finally, just like you check your regular tires for pressure and inspect the treading, the same needs to be done for your spare tire. Since it can become part of your set of tires at any moment, it’s important that it’s safe to drive with and will not affect the handling of your vehicle.