Hazards when the road Thaws

Hazards when the road Thaws
Many people believe that once the snow melts, the roads are completely fine. However, that is far from the truth and many drivers get into accidents every year because they are overconfident when the weather appears to be nice out.
The roads are rarely smooth after winter has passed. Watch out for potholes, as they can not only cause an accident, but they can also severely damage your car.
Another thing to note is that the roads are most likely still wet and slippery. There is probably water and slush covering the pavement, which means that you will have to be more cautious when you’re driving. Remember not to remove your winter tires until the weather has been above 10 degrees Celsius for a couple weeks.
Just because the weather is nice during the day, doesn’t mean it doesn’t cool down at night. The constant thawing and freezing cycle can cause black ice to form on the road, which means you could be on a slippery road without even realizing it.
Finally, your vehicle itself probably isn’t in the best condition after a long winter. The cold months can be hard on your brakes, tires and engine. Make sure you get your car checked out before taking it for a spin in the spring.