Storing Tires so they Last

Storing tires so they last
How to store your car’s tires so they last as long as possible
By Richard Russell, Globe and Mail
Try to avoid resting the tires on the tread, even without the weight of the vehicle on them. Stack them.
But, before doing so, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure minimal damage and aging. First: clean the wheels and tires, being sure to get off any residual brake dust. This stuff can be corrosive and, while it eats away at wheels, it can also hurt tires. Wash thoroughly. If the wheels are any type of alloy, use a cleaner approved for that type of wheel.
Make sure to remove all moisture. A nice, windy fall day will help in this respect. Dig out some garbage bags or other impervious plastic bags. Each wheel/tire should have its own.
Before sealing the bag, get as much air out as possible – you can use a vacuum cleaner to accomplish this. Seal the bags and, if using tire carriers or another method to transport them, place the wheel/tire wrapped in plastic inside the carrier.
Give some thought as to where to store them. Find a cool, dry space – preferably indoors where there will be less variation in temperature and humidity levels – away from any electric motors such as those on a furnace, hot water system, well or sump pump. These motors produce ozone, which can be very harmful to the tire compound.