What is Subaru Eyesight Technology

Available in the 2013 Subaru Legacy and Outback will be “Subaru Eyesight,” a new system that combines safety with convenience. Subaru Eyesight will make your daily commute a lot safer, by alerting you of potential damage ahead and limiting the amount of damage in a crash.
Eyesight works by using two cameras placed inside the windshield of the car. The cameras take stereo images to show vehicles and other obstacles in front and can even detect pedestrians if you’re driving under 30 km/h. The information from the cameras is sent to the Eyesight computer which is also connected to the braking system.
If Eyesight detects the obstacle and you don’t, it can actually tell the braking system to slow down or even stop if it feels you haven’t applied the brakes in time. During heavy traffic, Eyesight can alert you when the vehicle ahead of you has moved and you haven’t reacted within a couple seconds.
While you shouldn’t start to pay less attention to the road because of Subaru Eyesight, everyone can make a mistake when they’re driving, so it’s comfortable to know you have a second pair of eyes watching the road.