What is Subaru SI-Drive?

Subaru SI-Drive - Intelligent Drive Technology
Subaru has given car owners the capability of driving under different modes depending on their preferences and outdoor conditions. With Subaru SI-Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive), drivers can choose between intelligent mode, sport mode and sport-sharp mode whenever they’re in their vehicle.
In intelligent mode, drivers will have a much gentler ride and the most control out of the three. Intelligent mode works best for when you’re travelling long distances or cruising throughout a local town. This mode is the most fuel efficient and works best in rainy or snowy conditions.
Sport mode gives you the best acceleration and is the most responsive option. Driving will be most enjoyable on winding roads or for high-speed driving and is suited for all-round conditions.
Sport Sharp mode is the most powerful option and is perfect for merging or overtaking. This option allows you to use your Subaru vehicle to its fullest potential and is the most enjoyable of the three modes.
With SI-Drive, Subaru owners can make sure they are saving money, staying safe and enjoying their ride to the fullest.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger