Subaru PZEV Technology

Subaru PZEV Technology
In an effort to “go green,” Subaru introduced PZEV technology (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) a few years ago, making their vehicles one of the best eco-friendly alternatives.
For a vehicle to be a PZEV, it must have zero evaporative transmissions and must meet the Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle tailpipe standards. By meeting these requirements, Subaru PZEV vehicles can actually be better for the environment than even some hybrids, while maintaining the quality of some of the top cars and SUVS on the market.
The PZEV option is currently available in the Subaru Forester, Outback and Legacy, three vehicles that are high-performance, affordable and safe.
Currently, Subaru is the only company that sells PZEV’s in Canada which are classified as the cleanest-running gasoline-powered car on the market. You will not find an environmentally-friendly vehicle with the quality and affordability of a Subaru PZEV so if you’re interested in “going green” there’s really only one real option for you.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger