Summer Kit for Your Vehicle

The hot summer months are quickly approaching which means you’ll have to make some changes to your vehicle. To help lighten the weight of your vehicle, it’s a good idea switch your heavy winter kit to a smaller summer kit.
You’ll no longer need the heavy blankets and salt that you kept in your vehicle during the cold months. Your summer kit should be lighter and simpler than your winter one, which will help to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.
In case you get stranded, it’s a good idea to have food on you. Nuts and granola bars are a good idea as they won’t expire before the summer ends. Some other things you should consider having with you are a first aid kit and a rain jacket.
Finally, it’s a good idea to have a mini tool kit on you in case of an emergency repair. Pliers, wrenches screw drivers, extra fuses and jumper cables could help save you from being stranded and won’t weight your vehicle down too much.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger