Summer Vehicle Emergency Kit

Summer Vehicle Emergency Kit
It’s important to prepare yourself for anything that may happen on the road. Therefore, having a summer vehicle emergency kit will keep you well prepared and could potentially save you depending on the situation.
It’s a good idea to bring food with you in case you’re ever stranded for a long period of time. Something like a granola bar or trail mix won’t go bad in your vehicle and will give you some energy and will prevent you from being hungry.
Maybe the most important thing to have in your vehicle is a first aid kit. If you get into an accident, having a first aid kit on you can come in handy and could help with some of the injuries that individuals in the accident may have suffered.
Having a basic tool set on you is a good idea. Screw drivers, jumper cables and wrenches are all items you should include in your kit.
Finally, make sure you have a properly inflated spare tire and you have all the tools necessary to replace a flat tire. This would include the correct lug nut wrench and safe jack for lifting your car.
Patrick Britton