Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips
Now that the cold and icy weather has finally passed, it’s time for you to make sure your car is still in good shape with these summer vehicle maintenance tips. After driving through the long winter months, it’s likely that some parts of your vehicle are damaged or worn and need replacing. Here are some helpful summer maintenance tips.
1)      If your air conditioning cannot maintain temperatures 10 degrees below the outside temperature there could be a problem your air conditioning such as a leak.
2)      Since cold weather can create cracks in the rubber of your windshield wipers, chances are they will need to be replaced, which is important considering the number of thunderstorms that occur in the summer.
3)      You should check all your fluid levels (transmission, coolant, differential, brake fluid and power steering) to make sure there were no leaks that occurred during the winter.
4)      You air filter can get clogged from the salt that was present during the winter. Make sure to check this out since a clogged air filter can lower your fuel efficiency significantly.
Since your brakes are the most important to your safety, it is smart to have them checked out to make sure that neither the brake nor brake pad is worn out.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger