2011 Newmarket Classic Car Show

Newmarket Classic Car Show
It has been a fantastic summer so far in our neck of the woods just North of Toronto.
We held our first Newmarket Classic Car Show this past weekend which saw about 150 GM Vehicles of all shapes, sizes and years register for prizes and fun. We had people visit us from as far away as Kingston (a great 2010 Camaro with the actual paint code that was featured in the Transformers movies on Bumble Bee).
Being a bit of a car nut, I fell in love with each Car and Truck as it drove onto the lot to register.
Our show had me day dreaming for the rest of the day (and still into the next week)! I would love to have a ’69 Camaro Convertible in my garage. The lines are fantastic and it has an unmistakable grill that for me, makes me want to hit the open road.
While the ’69 Camaro is all about emotion, the 2012 Chevrolet Volt, the first plug-in electric car from General Motors, that paid us a visit got me thinking of the future. The Chevrolet Volt allows us a glimpse into the future of automobiles where we will be able to go months on end without having to visit a gas station.
Summer is such a great time to be a car guy. The roads are clean, you can drop the top on a convertible, a car wash lasts more then a day and a Sunday afternoon cruise is a great way to spend a couple of hours.
I’m having a great summer and I hope I hope you are too! Have a safe and fun summer!!
Happy Motoring!!
Erik Muckle