Support Your Local OSPCA

Bruce from the OSPCA
Life is always busy.  Being a husband and a father of four keeps me going all the time on top of working.
Though it was 30 plus degrees out and the pool was calling my name I decided to make some time for a trip to the grocery store. Now this is by far not my favorite place to go but earlier in the week I read a tweet and decided to do my part.
My local OSPCA had tweeted that they were in need of dish soap and cat toys.  So I picked up the items and head there to drop them off. Now as a animal lover my mind started to play through what I might see and how I would feel about all the animals that were there.
Once inside I was warmly greeted by a volunteer that had set time aside on her Sunday to lend a hand to these animals that so needed it.
I got to spend some time with a few of the dogs and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.
I will continue to support my local OSPCA and take time out to do my part in helping these animals that don’t have a voice.
If you have time go on your local OSPCA web site and see what you can do for them. Maybe take a dog for a walk or just hold a kitten and give it a bottle. There is lots you can do that cost nothing but some time out of your day.
You can reach your local branches here:
OSPCA Barrie Branch, OSPCA York Region Branch, OSPCA Ontario
See you at the shelter.
Chris Paranuik, Sales Manager