Is Synthetic oil better than Conventional oil?

Synthetic vs regular oil
We get this question all the time, and if you’re here you’re curious yourself… is synthetic oil worth the additional cost?
The major advantage of synthetic oil is that it’s superior in lubrication which will significantly reduces engine wear over the long run. It offers superior resistance to thermal and viscosity breakdown. Synthetic oil can withstand extremes in engines at both low and high temperatures. It provides unsurpassed protection against friction wear, especially as temperatures increase. Synthetic oils also boost horsepower more effectively over regular oils. They also contain fewer contaminants like sulfur, and wax that contribute to sludge build-up and can be used for as long as 10,000 kilometers before requiring an oil change.
Synthetic motor oil is a laboratory manufactured product and is pure from any of the non-beneficial properties found in conventional motor oils. Synthetic oils were first used in fighter jets before being introduced to the automotive world in 1972 and have grown in popularity because of it’s superiority in protecting today’s higher working engines.
Only you can be the judge if synthetic oil is worth the additional cost, however your vehicle may be trying to nudge you off your wallet…
Aldo Piccioni, Parts Manager
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