Teen Driving Tips

Teen driving tips
One of the biggest worries for parents is when their kids get their license and go out driving on their own. To ensure some peace of mind when your teens are out on the road you should go over some things with your children before you let them drive by themselves. Here are some teen driving tips.
The majority of teen car-crash fatalities occur when the driver is not wearing a seat belt. Make sure your child always buckles up when they get into a vehicle.
You shouldn’t allow your teen to drive if the weather is potentially dangerous, as they don’t have enough experience in these poor conditions. They should also avoid night-time driving as much as possible as many teen driving fatalities occur after 9 p.m.
Although their friends will want to ride with them, your child will become more distracted with more passengers in the vehicle. Teens tend to show off for their friends more and will take more risks when there are 3 or more people in the vehicle.
The most obvious and maybe the most important thing is to ensure your child doesn’t drink and drive. It is even more risky for a young driver to drink and drive because of their lack of experience. You should make your child has a safe way home if you suspect they may be drinking
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger