Tips to avoid Distracted Driving

Tips to avoid Distracted Driving
Thousands of car accidents occur every year because of distracted driving and many car crashes end up leading to fatalities. Therefore, it’s important to do everything in your power to avoid getting distracted behind the wheel. Here are some tips below.
You should make sure you are ready for work before you enter your vehicle. This could mean tying your tie, fixing your hair or making sure your shoes are tied tightly. Doing these things while you’re driving or stopped at a light can be dangerous.
It’s important to make sure you are comfortable before you start driving. This includes make sure your seat and mirrors are adjusted and the radio station and temperature are set.
Make sure you have eaten and are not hungry before you start driving. Driving and eating can prevent you from concentrating on the road ahead and can also become very distracting if you end up dropping something.
Finally, maybe the most important thing to do is to put away your cellphone. Even if you are only checking it while you are stopped at a light you can still become distracted and ultimately get into an accident as a result.
Patrick Britton