Tips for Buying a Car Seat

Tips for Buying a Car Seat
If you’re a parent, nothing is more important to you than your children. Therefore, you should always put their safety and well-being before anything. The wrong car seat for your child could greatly increase the chances of a serious injury or fatality in the event of an accident. Read ahead to learn more tips for buying a car seat.
The number one factor when choosing a child seat is the weight and size of your child. If your child is less than 35 pounds, you’ll need a rear-facing infant seat. A seat that is rear facing is much safer for a child that small as their current body type is too fragile for one that faces forward.
Once the child reaches 40 pounds they should switch to a forward-facing seat. These are built for bigger kids so make sure to make the switch when the time comes. Children who are 4 or older can typically switch to a booster seat which are raised seats that use adult seat belts.
Clearly, choosing the proper car seat is important for your child’s safety. Make sure to purchase one that fits well for both the child and the vehicle. Finally, remember that your child’s safety is more important than a little extra money so continue to switch seats when they outgrow the old one.
Patrick Britton