Tips for Buying Snow Tires

Tips for Buying Snow Tires
If you live in a cold climate, you would be foolish to not purchase snow tires for your vehicle for the winter months. There are countless accidents that occur every year because of bad tires, so make sure you know how to buy the proper set for your vehicle.

Advice for buying your next set of winter tires

Find a set of tires that are durable. A good set should be able to last you for about 30,000 kilometres (or about three winters). You’ll be less likely to purchase a set of snow tires if you know they’ll only be good for a year, so make sure you find some that are long-lasting.
If you’re in an area where the roads are always filled with snow, it may be a good idea to purchase studded tires. These are not as good on pavement, but will give you a better grip when the roads are bad. However, stud less tires are also smoother and more comfortable to drive in, so they are not preferable for everyone.
Finally, make sure to always get a set of four tires, as driving with tires with different grip will not be as effective. Your performance and handling will suffer if you only have too, so it is strongly advised that your purchase a full set.