Tips for Defrosting your Windows Quickly

defrost car windows faster
Many people are in a rush when they enter their vehicle in the morning. Something that can be very frustrating for drivers is waiting for their windows to de-frost when they’re attempting to begin their daily commute. Here are some tips below for quickly de-frosting your windows.
A homemade solution you can use to speed up the process is to mix rubbing alcohol and soap into a bottle and spray it on the window(s) in the morning. This will help to melt the ice and make your scraping job much easier.
Another method is to use lukewarm water (make sure it’s not hot) and toss it on your windshield. This is arguably the most efficient method and may only need to be wiped off with a cloth after if the ice isn’t too thick to begin with.
If you are without any materials and need to start driving as soon as possible, one thing you can try is to turn on the defroster and using your credit card as a scraper to remove the ice. This is clearly not the most efficient method, but it is worth a try if all else fails.