Tips for Driving in Fog

Tips for Driving in Fog
Many people know how to drive properly in the snow and rain, but learning how to drive in the fog is something that is often neglected. Here are some tips that can make your trip in the fog much safer.
To get a better idea of where you are on the road, you should look to the right side of the road, and not the centre. The right side will have more landmarks that will give you a better indication of where you are.
Remember to use your low beam headlights as well as your fog lights if your vehicle has them. It is very important to remember not to use your high beams, as this will actually make it more difficult for you to see.
You should turn the radio off and avoid loud conversation in the fog. If you roll your windows down you’ll be able to hear the traffic around you that you may not be able to see. This will make your drive a lot safer.
Finally, make sure there is a large distance in between vehicles. It will be much harder to react quickly in the fog, so ensure that you give yourself time to stop if the car in front slows down or brakes.