Tips for Driving Through Potholes

Tips for Driving Through Potholes
If you live in a rural area or even a region with unkempt roads, you probably run into potholes during your daily commute. Potholes are not only annoying but they can also cause serious damage to your vehicle. Therefore, it’s important that you drive properly around them. Read ahead to learn more about driving through potholes.
Slowing down before you reach the pothole will help to minimize the damage done. This will prevent your vehicle from titling forward too much and causing serious impairment to the front of your vehicle.
Change lanes whenever possible to avoid any potholes. The fewer you go over, the less likely you will damage your vehicle so do your best to avoid potholes altogether.
Make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they aren’t you run the risk of them popping when running through a pothole. You should always check your tires before you enter your vehicle as there could be damage that you’re not aware of.
Finally, potholes are more dangerous during and after it rains so remember be extra careful. It’s hard to tell what’s underneath a puddle so make sure you go extra slow if you suspect there are potholes in the area.
Patrick Britton