Tips for Finding a Parking Spot around the Holidays

Tips for Finding a Parking Spot around the Holidays
Christmas shopping can be stressful enough without having to wait around to find a parking spot at your nearest mall. Read ahead to learn tips on how to find the best and closest available parking spots during the holiday season.
If you’re trying to park near a mall, it is a good idea to park near a side door. Many people tend to park near the front entrance, even if the side entrance is just as accessible. This area will be more secluded and will increase your chances of landing a spot near the doors.
In addition, try to back into space so you can pull out of them when you leave. You will have a much easier time driving to see when you exit the spot.
If possible, you should find a spot that is between two smaller vehicles if you drive a car. Otherwise, you may be stuck waiting to while to get out if you’re between to large vehicles.
Finally, if you’re shopping on Boxing Day, it is probably best to park in the first available spot you see. Waiting to find a better one may cause you to wait an extended period of time.