Tips for a Clutter-Free Car

Tips for a Clutter-Free Car
Unless you clean your car on a regular basis, you’ve likely accumulated a number of unwanted items over the past few months – and they’ve managed to stay in your vehicle much longer than you would’ve preferred.
Keeping your car tidy may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple if you stay organized and create a manageable routine.  Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle clutter-free:
Always have a trash bag on hand
The easiest way to contain the amount of garbage that ends up in your vehicle is to always make sure you some trash bags on hand.
If you have a garbage bag in your possession, you’ll more than likely choose to throw your trash out in the bag, and not on the floor of your vehicle. Once the bag is full you can throw it out while running errands or filling up at the gas station.
Garbage Can
This may not seem like the most glamourous option, but it’s a heck of a lot better than having trash all over floor and back seat of your vehicle.
Organize your glove box
Instead of shoving every loose paper you own into your glove box, consider investing in an organizer to keep everything neat and tidy.
You can have your insurance papers, chargers, maps and receipts all in separately marked sections, so you won’t have to waste them looking through everything when you eventually need something from the glove compartment.
Have your children help out
If you have kids, ask them to keep their toys and games in either the seat pockets in front of them, or in a communal basket. Not only will this help to keep the back seat of your vehicle much tidier, but it will also decrease the risk of your kids losing something.  Fewer toys lying around randomly also makes the interior a little safer – in the event of a collision, the fewer projectiles the better!
Only Keep Essentials
In order to reduce clutter and free up space, you should only keep items in your car that you’ll either need in an emergency or will use on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re just taking up valuable room.
Don’t feel the need to keep winter items like a scraper or a pair of gloves in your car during the summer, and don’t waste time keeping your summer emergency kit in your car during the cold months.  You should also keep any emergency items that you don’t use often in the trunk of your vehicle to help free up interior space.
Clean Your Car Once a Week
Pick a day when you’re not busy (for most people it will be either Saturday or Sunday) and spend 10-15 minutes removing any unwanted items, vacuuming the floors of your car and tidying up the glove box and middle console to ensure everything is neat and tidy.  Letting the mess build up only deters you from getting started.