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Fuel Economy Tips
Car owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. Here are some products you can purchase that will help to lower the amount you spend on gas.
Fuel Magnets: These magnets are located just outside of your fuel line and help to break up fuel particles so you that you can burn fuel more efficiently.
Air Bleed Devices: This product sends air into the carburetor of your vehicle which helps to improve fuel economy. You can also buy a vapour bleed system which vaporizes the fuel going out of the engine.
Engine Ionizer: This device works by reducing the amount of fuel consumed in the combustion chamber. By breaking down the large particles in this chamber, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle should be improved significantly.
While all these products claim to improve fuel efficiency, the best way to lower the amount of gas you spend is through your driving habits. Removing weight from your vehicle, driving the speed limit and maintaining a consistent speed will improve your fuel economy significantly in the long run.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger