Tips for Driving in the Rain

Tips for Driving in the Rain
Depending on how hard it’s falling down, driving in the rain can be quite dangerous for drivers. Here are some helpful tips for driving when it’s wet out.
1)      Drive in the middle of the road: Water tends to pool in the outside lanes so make sure you’re in the middle lane so you can avoid puddles and wet, slippery surfaces.
2)      Drive slower: You can’t stop as fast in the wet weather so it’s important that you slow down and make sure you’re in control when it’s raining.
3)      Avoid the grooves:  Over time, grooves appear in the most driven portions of the road.  Water pools in these tire grooves so be conscious of where these grooves are and drive on the higher portions of the road.
4)      Don’t drive near buses and large trucks: The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the splash they make when they drive through puddles. If the water hits your windshield, you’ll have a difficult time seeing the road ahead.
5)      Avoid driving off-road: It’s much harder to determine the depth of a puddle off road and you could easily become stuck if the puddle is too deep.