Tips for Driving on Ice

Tips for Driving on Ice
Few drivers feel comfortable driving on icy surfaces and there are countless fatalities every winter because of it. However, with the proper precautions, driving on slippery surfaces can be relatively safe and greatly reduce the chance of an accident. Here are a few tips for driving on ice…
The most important thing is to make sure you have the right tires. No matter how safe of a driver you are, it won’t matter if you don’t have the proper traction.  Simply put, snow tires give you better grip on the road.
Another tip to driving on icy roads is to drive the same speed according the the conditions throughout the trip. If you’re constantly braking, your car can be put into a spin. Also, be sure you don’t drive too fast as you will have less time to react and it takes longer to brake in poor weather conditions.
The final piece of advice is to not slam on the brakes if you’re skidding. Follow the path of the skid until you’ve regained traction. It’s important to stay calm and to not make any drastic changes in direction if you begin to slip.