Tips for Storing Your Vehicle in the Winter

Tips for storing your vehicle in the winter
If you own a sports vehicle or another type of car you like to drive in the summer, it is a good idea to find a place to have it stored in the winter. Read ahead for some tips on where to store it and how to keep it fresh during the cold months.
The most important part of storing your vehicle is to find a dry, concrete area to keep your car in. Don’t store your vehicle on a cold area that can get wet such as in a barn. Also, it is a good idea to put moth balls around your vehicle to ensure that rodents don’t get into it.
Remember to have your oil changed, tires pumped and top of your fluids. This will keep your car fresh for when you take it out in the spring time.
Also don’t forget to clean your vehicle beforehand. It’s important that you remove the dirt and other filth before it seeps into the exterior.
Finally, remember that you don’t need liability and collision insurance if you’re not driving the vehicle. It is a good idea to keep the theft and fire part of your insurance though.