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Tips for Teen Driving
If your child just started driving chances are you’ve become a nervous wreck. However, you can feel a lot more comfortable about your kid getting behind the wheel by putting some rules in place. Here are some tips to keep your child safer while keeping yourself less worried.
The easiest way for your child to get distracted is by having a bunch of their friends in the vehicle. Fatal crashes happen much more often when there are three or more passengers in the vehicle so you should only allow your kid to have up to two of their friends with them.
While many parents buy their kids cheap, older vehicles to drive, these cars don’t have the latest safety features. If you want to feel comfortable and to reduce the risk of an accident for your child, you should look carefully for an affordable vehicle that also has some of the latest safety features such as electronic stability control and side curtain airbags.
Finally, you should really only allow your child to drive in optimal conditions. This means not letting them drive at nighttime or during a thunderstorm or snowstorm. The chances of an accident greatly increase under these conditions.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger