Tips for Winter Driving

Winter Driving Tips
The most dangerous season for driving is of course winter, which means you will have to adjust some of your driving habits in order to avoid a potential accident. Driving on ice or in a snowstorm can make people nervous, but you can still be as safe as possible if you follow some of these tips.
Slow down: The most obvious tip is the most important one. You greatly reduce your chances of slipping if you drive at a reasonable speed so make sure you slow down in poor conditions.
Avoid cruise control: It is unsafe to go on cruise control in the winter as you have to be alert and in control at all times.
Lengthen you following distance: Studies have shown that stopping on an icy road is double the length of stopping on a dry road. Make sure you’re far enough away from the vehicle ahead in case of a sudden stoppage.
Be aware of black ice: If the asphalt on the road looks shiny and new there’s a chance you could be driving on black ice. Pavement usually looks more grey in the winter so be aware if the road is abnormally dark.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger