Tips for Green Driving

Tips for Green Driving
Even if you’re not environmentally-conscious, driving green can help to save you money by making your car run more efficiently, thus saving you trips to the gas pump. Read ahead for some tips on green driving habits.
One of the first things you should do is make some switches to your vehicle. Some quick ways to make your car run more efficiently is to change the tires and to remove any access items from the vehicle. This will allow your vehicle to work less, which will save you at the pump.
Another way to help both the environment and your wallet is to change your driving habits. Avoid stopping and starting as much as possible. Your car runs more efficiently when it’s driving at a constant speed, which is why it’s smart to limit accelerating and decelerating.
Finally, maybe the easiest way to save you money on gas and limit the amount you pollute is to avoid driving whenever possible. This could mean taking the bus and other public transit. If you really want to commute in a car, then try and find some colleagues that you can commute with.