Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency
With gas prices rising in the upcoming months, finding ways to save on fuel is a popular theme among Canadian drivers. Read ahead to find out some of the ways you increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and save a few extra bucks.
One of the easiest ways to use up gas is to constantly speed up and slow down when you drive. Driving the same speed will improve your efficiency considerably. If you drive smoother and reduce acceleration and braking, you should see an increase in your fuel savings.
you have co-workers who live in the same area as you, strongly consider carpooling with them. Everyone involved can save money on gas and doing so will also help reduce greenhouse gases and improve the environment.
Remove unnecessary items that are in your trunk or stored throughout your vehicle. The extra weight will make your car work harder and use up more fuel. You most likely have some heavy items in your vehicle that don’t need to be with you so get rid of them before you waste extra money on gas.
Patrick Britton