Tips for Long Weekend Driving

Tips for Long Weekend Driving
If you’re planning on going away this Victoria Day, or any other long weekend in the foreseeable future, you’ve likely already begun thinking about how dreadful the traffic will be.  And while it’s impossible to avoid traffic entirely, there are certainly ways to make the trip more enjoyable.
Here are some tips for driving on the long weekend:
Timing, timing, timing
The earlier you can go in the day, the better. If you have the Friday off, consider going up on the Thursday night instead.  If you’re stuck at work until 5 pm, avoid leaving for the cottage as soon as possible. Wait it out, and you’ll enjoy a more peaceful trip.
Don’t assume the left lane is faster
During a normal commute on the highway, the left lane is typically the fastest. However, long weekend traffic is likely to be busy no matter where you are on the highway. Sometimes, the left lane can actually become the most packed with everyone else thinking this same way.
Figure out directions beforehand
It’s easy to get lost in cottage country, so try to look up your route ahead of time. This gives you a general idea of where you’re going as well as route alternatives.
Plan an alternate route
It’s entirely plausible that your original route becomes overly congested. To counter, you should create an alternative route (or two) to avoid sitting in traffic for a long period of time.
Plan rest breaks
You and everyone with you will be less irritable if they aren’t cooped up in a car for hours on end. Try to plan rest breaks, giving everyone time to stretch, go to the washroom, and eat if they’re hungry.  Breaking up the trip will also make the trip a little less monotonous.
Don’t drive aggressively
If traffic is bad, sit back and relax. Driving aggressively will not only put you and your passengers at risk, but it will also make the trip more stressful. Just think how much longer your trip will be if you end up involved in a fender bender or worse.
Don’t overpack
If you’re driving for hours on end, you’re going to want to see where you’re going. Many people pack too much when they go on trips, blocking their view when they need it most. Items such as groceries can easily be bought closer to your destination or at a nearby store the next day.
Get a good amount of sleep on your final night
It’s likely you’ll be tired after a long weekend, so try to get as much rest as possible the night before you leave. Driving home from a cottage can be exhausting enough, don’t make it any worse by being sleep deprived.
Enjoy the drive
Remember, you’re going on vacation to soak life in, don’t let stress creep in.  Safe travels!