Tips for Maintaining Your Christmas Tree

Tips for Maintaining Your Christmas Tree
While having a real Christmas tree in your living room may be more attractive than a faux one, it can also be more difficult to maintain – and may be a hazard if you fail to take proper care of it.
Here are some tips for maintaining your tree this holiday season:
Try to keep your tree away from any sort of heat source, such as a fireplace, vent or direct sunlight. If the tree is left in a warm area, it may begin to dry out prematurely. There’s also the risk that it catches fire.
If you have a humidifier handy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to plug it in to keep your tree well hydrated.
If you have yet to actually put your tree up, make sure to pick a stand that already fits the tree.
Avoid whittling down the tree to a fit a stand. The outer layers of a tree are the most efficient at consuming water, so you should avoid removing them at all costs.
Try to water your tree once every day. It’s most important to check the water supply on a regular basis when you first put it up, as this is when the tree consumes the most water. Not only will this keep your tree healthier, but it will also prevent it from dying out and making a needly mess of your living room.
If the tree is too dry, you should remove it from your house.
Despite what you may have heard, drilling a hole in your tree will not improve water intake, and should be avoided.

As you decorate your tree, make sure to inspect all the lights to ensure the bulbs are working properly and none of the cords are frayed. If they are, don’t use them.  You also shouldn’t use any ornaments or decorations that look problematic.
Always remember to turn off your tree lights when you leave your house or hit the sack, even if you’re only going to be gone for a short while.

If you have pets or small children, you’ll want to clean up any pine needles that have fallen from the tree as often as possible.  Remember that the healthier your tree is, the fewer needles it will lose.

If your tree does happen to catch on fire, you’ll want to be able to evacuate your house as easily as possible. If it’s blocking a door or an entrance, you or your loved ones could have a more difficult time leaving.
To avoid this problem, stick your tree in the corner of a room, away from the entrance of the room.