Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers
Many parents become quite stressed when their children begin to drive on their own.  Fortunately, by following some of the tips below, parents can ensure their kids are being safe and responsible behind the wheel.
Considering far more accidents occur at nighttime then during the day, it would be wise to either limit or completely disallow nighttime driving for your child. Unless they are stuck and need to drive to get home, they should avoid driving at nighttime as they are taking on a much bigger risk.
Driving during foul weather is also much more dangerous. Like nighttime driving, you should try your best to avoid letting your child drive when the weather is not optimal.
Even though you might be curious to know where they are at all times, you should avoid texting or calling them as they may respond while they’re driving. Instead, make it a rule that they need to text/call you when they’ve reached their destination.
Finally, make sure your car is properly prepared for an emergency and that your child knows where to find all the essential items. If they’re stuck somewhere, it’s important that they know where the emergency kit is.
Patrick Britton