Tire Rotation – What's it all about?

Tire Rotation - What's it all about?
Remembering to rotate your tires approximately every 10,000 kilometres can help extend the lifetime of your tires as well as save you money. Read ahead to learn more about tire rotation and some of the benefits from doing it.
Tire rotation can greatly prolong the life of your tires, which means you save money by raising fuel efficiency and increasing the time between purchasing a new set. Another advantage of having your cars rotated is that they won’t get stuck to its housing. If you wait too long between tire rotations, your vehicle can actually get stuck, which could be very concerning if you’re stranded with a flat tire. Make sure you get your tire rotated often so you’re always ready during an emergency.
If you get your tires rotated, you can actually check to see if it was done correctly. If it is improperly rotated, you will see either the inside or outside of the tire wear faster than the other side. Another sign is if you see a series of crosshatches. If you notice either of these signs, you will unfortunately have to go back and get your tires rotated again to ensure it’s done correctly.
Patrick Britton