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Auto Repair Tools
If you’re an ambitious individual, you may have the urge to try and fix your vehicle yourself instead of sending it into a shop. However, before you attempt to do anything yourself it’s important to ensure you have the right tools. Read ahead to find out the essential resources you’ll need for car repair.
One tool you will definitely need is a screwdriver. Any kind of small project you do will require this tool such as working on the interior of your vehicle or fixing the engine.
Jacks are an essential item because they help to lift the vehicle off the ground. There are two different types of jacks you can buy; jack stands and floor jacks. Jack stands are more practical because they are portable but floor jacks are much sturdier.
A torque wrench will be needed to unscrew any kind of bolts. Many assignments will need a torque wrench to actually get into the thing that needs fixing.
Wire cutters are a good item for any project that uses electrical wires. Since these types of projects are more dangerous, always remember to disconnect the wires from the source before starting your assignment.
Patrick Britton