Top 10 Drives of a Life Time

Top 10 Drives of a Life Time
I don’t know about you but as this weather starts to warm up I can’t help but get some spring fever. So as we pray to the weather gods to bring us some heat here in Canada we can start dreaming about the wind in our hair as spring road trips/drive becomes realities. I have rounded up some of the coolest, and interesting roads world wind to spark that inner adventurer in all of us!
California Pacific Coast – USA
1. California Pacific Coast – USA

The California Pacific Coast is a MUST drive/see, and the Pacific Highway makes it a possibility. This road is a 123-mile (198-kilometer) route along the central California coast and takes about five hours to complete. Hitting some of he most scenic and iconic spots of the California Coast this road trip is definitely on the top of my list!
Furka Pass – Alps, Switzerland
2. Furka Pass – Alps, Switzerland

Immortalized by the famous Mustang vs. Aston car chase in James Bond’s Goldfinger the Furka Pass is considered a 5 star pass in the central Swiss Alps. Being a part of the Big 3 interconnected passes it rates high on the scenic scale. With access to glaciers along the way the Furka Pass is an amazing drive.
Dades Gorge  - Morocco
3. Dades Gorge  – Morocco

Dades Gorge is too cool to leave off of this list! Winding through the natural landscape of the Dades Valley often known as the Valley of Roses, the Dades Gorge rout is dry but colourful one. This valley lies between the Atlas Mountains and the Ani Atlas and is surrounded by magnificent natural rock formations allowing visitors to take in most spectacular scenery of the south.
The Dragon’s Tail – Tennessee, USA
4. The Dragon’s Tail – Tennessee, USA

Tucked into the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee The Dragon’s Tail or The Tail of The Dragon lies with 318 curves in 11 miles, this unique road is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. This road is not for armatures though with its tight turns, but it might just be the ride of your life! If you can brave it!
Hong Kong Inverter – China
5. Hong Kong Inverter – China

Ok so here is a bit of knowledge for you on Mainland China cars drive on the right, but in Island of Hong Kong cars drive on the left side. So, how do you work with this on the bridge merging the island and the mainland? Well obviously you create a bridge that crosses over half way through! The Hong Kong Inverter is truly a one of a kind experience. This figure 8 bridge flips traffic around so that you end up driving on the correct side of the street!
The Millau Viaduct – France, Spain
6. The Millau Viaduct – France, Spain

The Millau Viaduct, also known as the tallest bridge in the world spans the valley of the River Tarn near Millau in southern France. Reaching 1,125 ft above the base of the structure, this bridge often floats in the clouds. The Millau Viaduct is consistency ranked as one of the greatest engineering achievements of all time, so if you ever get the chance to drive it, DO IT!
Col De Turini Pass – France
7. Col De Turini Pass – France

One of the most dangerous roads on this list the Col De Turini Pass in the French Alps lies near Sospel. What makes this road so dangerous is that is includes a long series of tight hairpin turns that winds up he side of the mountains. What gives this road its fame is that it is a stage of the Monte Carol Rally of WRC. This road is not for those with a fear of heights that’s for sure!
Irohazaka Road – Japan
8. Irohazaka Road – Japan

Some of you might know this road from The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift when Neela gets behind the wheel and drifts up the mountain. The Irohazaka Road or Iroha-Zaka Road is a pair of winding roads that connected the lower elevations near central Nikko to the higher elevations of the mountains in the Okunikko region. With sights of waterfalls and beautiful scenery this road belongs on this list!
Trollstigen Mountian – Norway
9. Trollstigen Mountian – Norway

Trollstigen Mountain in Norwary also known as “The Troll’s Path” is located in west Norway and is one if its most dramatic and most visited places in Norway. This 65 mile stretch of road lies in the heart of the Norwegain mountain range, snaking up the mountainside, beside waterfalls and deep fjords, this road has it all!
Cape Wale Coastal Road – South Africa
10. Cape Wale Coastal Road – South Africa

While Cape Wale Coastal Road in South Africa is not a dangerous one, it does have some unique visitors. This 1,200 + mile road is the home of many Wales, making its an ideal spot for Wale watching (hints the name).  With 37 wale species in South Africa this road is most known for the sightings of right whales, humpback whales, and several coastal dolphin species. You can also see African penguins, and Cape fur seals. Truly a drive of a life time!
So where are you headed next?!