Top 5 Spring Automotive Trends 2015

Spring Automotive Trends 2015

Here are our top 5 automotive trends for Sping 2015!

Mazda CX3
1.    The Small SUV
For sometime now it seems that as a society, we have been trying to reduce and resize. This is definitely the case in the emergence of the Compact SUV, one of the latest automotive trends for 2015. This small but flexible vehicle is targeted at young and urban explorers. With some great potential in a global market the Compact SUV takes the best of both worlds for the new generation of car buyers. Now you can truly have it all!
GMC Truck
2.    The Amazing Truck Race/ Americas Next Truck Model
This is the race; a competition, to see whom out of the major 3 companies will come out on top. From smaller pick-ups, to evolutions in performance, and fuel economy the trucks we used to know are changing before our eyes to become more desirable, flexible and accessible. Who will come out the winner? Only time will tell. (My money is on GM, this is just the beginning of the Mary Barra era!)
The Technology Era
3.    The Technology Era
As we as a world strive for efficacy and innovation it is no surprise that the auto industry is changing to adapt and evolve. This means the introduction of in-car tech. Now in-car technology is not a new concept, but this year things are getting an upgrade. From in-car WiFi, to wireless charging stations to self driving cars the Technology Era is here, and its only going to get better.
The Need for Speed
4.    The Need for Speed
Going fast is always on the agenda in the auto world, but is not always a top priority of the general consumer. This trend takes us back to our roots as we bring the racetrack to the everyday vehicle. High-performance sports cars are trending big time this year. Looks like the Cadillac CTS-V is going to get some attention!
Finding Luxury in Going Green
5.    Finding Luxury in Going Green
As green living gains more press we as consumers and buyers are now more aware of going green. We are more conscious in the idea of conserving energy, and protecting the environment, but we still need a way of transportation. The hybrid as been on the market for a while and now it’s getting an transformation; meet the luxury Hybrid. New concepts for the luxury Hybrid are popping up everywhere and going green never looked so good!