Best Android Apps for your Car

Best Android Apps for your Car
If you own an Android phone and a vehicle, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of apps out there to make your life a lot easier. To finding your car in the parking lot to tracking fuel consumption, there’s an app for everything you want to know.  Here are a few of the best Android apps for your car…
Car Locator
Automatically save the location of your parked car so you’ll never have to worry about where you left it.
This app tracks all the important information about your vehicle from maintenance and expenses to gas mileage and trip details.
Beat the Traffic
“Beat the Traffic” shows how congested the streets are so you can avoid traffic and get to your destination quicker.
Keeps track of your fuel consumption, your maintenance expenses and how much you’ve paid for gas.
Voice Actions
Able to write texts and emails by using your voice so you can stay up to date while remaining safe.