Top Auto Ads

Not sure if everyone else gets to the same level emotional investment while watching advertisements, or maybe I’m just really good at being a consumer and getting advertised do but for some reason I get really pulled in by ads. Usually car ads don’t have the same effect, but let me tell you the times are changing, because this I felt some emotions and inspirations and good feelings from these brands latest commercials! So with out further adieu, check out my favourite car ads!
“Making Memories”
“Jr. Driver”
Subaru for a long time now has played on the love factor of family relationships and damn, it gets me right in the heartstrings! With a bit of humor and a lot of Aweeee, Subaru brings us these adverts that comment on their brand as a life long product and that is something to invest in!

“Perfect Getaway”

Kia on the other hand is known for their Hamser Ads, which personally don’t really do anything for me, but in the past Super Bowl they upped the anti and stared James bond him self, securing this advert on my list.

CADILLAC – Dare Greatly
“The Arena”
“How Dare”
Like Kia, Cadillac is changing the game as well, now I am not particularly emotionally attached (who am I kidding) to these ads but I really am drawn to their structure and production. It is so ambiguous and aloof that you aren’t really sure what is going on until the end, they really sealed the deal with this campaign.

“A Drivers life”
Mazda usually sticks to their cookie cutter ads about the cars but this latest advert looks like they took a page from Subaru’s playbook and it worked! This one takes you through the ups and downs of life in just 1 minute, and leaves you feeling good at the end of it all. Bravo!
Looking forward to seeing some more inventive and inspiring ad from these automobile giants!