Top Blackberry Z10 Shortcuts

Top Blackberry Z10 Shortcuts
Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal, it’s a good idea to pull over and quickly check your phone occasionally when you’re driving, especially if you’re going on a long trip. Assuming you won’t want to spend a long time doing this, here are some quick Blackberry Z10 Shortcuts.

  • to check your contact list hold the space key and send key together
  • to check your voicemail just hold 1
  • to move to the top of the phone screen press the space key
  • to make an appointment press C, and to switch to month view press M, day view press D and week view press W
  • to insert a period double tap the space button (the beginning of the next sentence will be capitalized as well)
  • press the escape key to view all messages again
  • to answer a phone call press the send key
  • if you’re in the middle of the call and need to check your home screen, press the escape button followed by Ok
  • to add an extension to a number, press the Alt and X key together and then type in the extension

Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger