Top Car Safety Apps

Top Car Safety Apps
With winter now in full effect, drivers should be more cautious when driving than any other time of the year. In order to increase your safety, here are some apps you should consider downloading to help keep you and everyone around you in good health.
One of the best applications for you to download is called “Voice Control.” This app does it exactly what you think it does, allowing you to text, listen to music or make a call without having to touch your phone.
Another helpful safety app is “Safely Go.” If you’re the type of person who gets distracted easily from your phone when you’re driving, this is the perfect app for you. “Safely Go” lets you pick three VIP contacts to get messages from and blocks texts and incoming calls from everyone else. Therefore, you will know if the notifications that you’re hearing are actually important.
Finally, “Stay Awake,” is designed to help you stay awake if you start to feel drowsy behind the wheel. While you should never drive when you’re tired, sometimes it is necessary. This application is very annoying, but also effective.