Top Car Winterizing Tips

Top Car Winterizing Tips
If you haven’t already gotten your car prepared for the winter, here are some tips you should follow to make your trip is safer in the cold months.
Make sure your 4WD working properly. If you own a SUV, you probably aren’t using your four-wheel drive in the summer, so make sure it works before you take your vehicle out in poor conditions.
Make sure you have the right amount of anti-freeze: Anti-freeze protects your car from freezing in cold conditions so make sure you have the right ratio of anti-freeze to water in your radiator (a 1:1 ratio is normal).
Check your battery: Batteries typically last 3-5 years, but the winter months cause it to work harder and wear out faster. If you think it’s time to replace it, you should have it checked.
Check your defrosting unit: Your defroster blows warm, dry air over the glass of your vehicle to get rid of fog on your windshield. You should make sure your defroster works before you take your car out on the road in the winter.